How to deal with revenue uncertainty and ever changing customer preferences?

Companies spend millions of dollars advertising their brands, but the customer experience is what defines success. Although most managers understand customer centricity, they have a difficult time applying them at their level of the organization.

Chances are you and your company faces a reality where products or services get commoditized quickly. Clients have more information and can compare options and prices with several clicks. Sales process has become more complex, more people get involved in the decision making process.

We can help you consistently and sustainably improve your sales productivity and boost your customer satisfaction.

How can we help?

Solutions for 3 hours to 1 day:

We can take part of your sales or customer service conference and make it a memorable and engaging experience.

Silega Expedition – Motivate your sales force to a world class attitude with this realistic business simulation.

Silega Pulse™ – Business acumen for salespeople.

Silega Care™ – Customer service business simulations that can help you up skill your frontline

Silega Sales Accelerator™ – Silega pioneered an unparalleled research-based business simulations that reflects the sales process and can be adapted to different industries.

Silega Navigator™ – Understand the importance of being customer centric and agile.

Silega Cold War™ – Break the silos. Improve your internal and external service.

Silega Commander™ – Measure and improve your service culture.

Solutions for 1 to 3 days:

We can take care of the full agenda of your sales development program.

Our transformational workshops can help you build capabilities and create insights.

Featured workshops:

(2 days)

Used products:

Silega Commander

Relationship Selling and Neuroscience
(1 day)

Used products:

Silega Commander

Sales Team Management
(2 days)

Customer-Centric Sales Process
(2 days)

Business Development - How to prospect, Call and Find New Customers
(2 to 3 days)

Sales Analytics
(1 to 2 days)

Fully custom products used

Customer Service Excellence
(1 to 2 days)

Used products:

Silega Commander

Silega Care

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