Digitalization and process automation are changing how companies work. But, even as many companies explore the possibilities through pilot projects, they need help to scale digitalization across the enterprise. And, too often, the benefits need to meet expectations.

Digitalization success requires more than just great technology. We collaborate with you on an end-to-end digitalization journey that begins by aligning the organization around the opportunity—and what it will take to capture it—and progresses through every stage of business and technical planning, culminating in successful deployment and the realization of the total potential value.

We think boldly about the possibilities of digitalization and how it fits into your company’s business strategy. We work collaboratively with your business and technical teams to identify and prioritize the right digitalization opportunities, develop the business case, conduct proof-of-concepts and pilots, and support fully scaled deployments. Most importantly, we help you put in place the right governance and change management that will work in your unique culture.

Our Digitalization Center of Excellence is home to a dedicated team of experts that can help your organization map and accelerate your digitalization journey.

We support the full spectrum of digitalization possibilities to ensure that you generate maximum value from your automation efforts. The technologies we work with include:

  • Digitalization opportunity assessment: We help you identify gaps, savings potential, and ROI compared to best practices.
  • Digitalization Support – We roll up our sleeves to help you digitalize the identified opportunities. We enable you to develop digitalization from scratch using various tools, platforms and programming languages like C++, C#, Java, Python, Javascript, and others.
  • Low-code/no-code automation – One of the quickest, painless, and easiest ways to get started with no-code automation is to use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or similar software robots that emulate humans actions interacting with digital systems and software.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) – We help you utilize OCR. Many documents can be processed in a short amount of time when compared to manual extraction and processing. This makes paper-to-digital data entry much faster.
  • Workflow automation – We help you to set up business process automation and BPM (business process modeling).
  • Artificial intelligence – We help you incorporate machine learning and conversational AI (natural language processing/generation).

Finally, digitalization is only as good as its results — whether that’s cost savings or other benefits, such as improved customer experience, lower error rates, or greater speed. We help you redesign your business processes to optimally combine people and technology so that your automation efforts fully meet your expectations.

Recent success stories

Success story #1: One of the biggest FMCG companies in the world asked Silega to help improve employees’ data analytics and forecasting skills across North and South America. After a detailed analysis and client approval, Silega implemented a two-phase project:

  • Phase 1 – Develop and deliver across the region custom training and development content based on gamification
  • Phase 2 – Build an online business simulation from scratch that simulates internal client processes, which 70,000 employees use.

Success story #2: Silega monitors real estate prices for a leading insurance company. Risk assessment and premium calculation are crucial in auto, health, life, and property insurance. For our client, a leading insurance company, we implemented a price-radar platform that collects big data from hundreds of thousands of real estate listings to calculate minimum, maximum, and average pricing per property type for each zip code. We used AI to remove fake or suspicious listings.

Success story #3: Silega monitors the second-hand vehicle market for a leading insurance company. After the pandemic, it became extremely difficult for car insurance companies to depreciate vehicle values. We implemented a price-radar platform that collects big data from hundreds of thousands of second-hand listings to calculate the minimum, maximum, and average pricing per vehicle type. We also used AI to remove fake or suspicious listings.

Success story #4: Silega helps an agricultural enterprise company with data entry (millions of records per year) into government databases.