Partnership with Silega is a mutually beneficial relationship. Our partnership program provides clearly defined requirements and benefits, as well as a wide range of options. This means you can find a partnership arrangement that works best for you and your business.

We ensure that your business is invested with us at the right level and that you have the resources to get underway as soon as possible. As a valued partner, you can also grow your business by benefiting from our broad and growing customer base.

At Silega, we continuously strive to build strong relationships with industry leaders. We look for partners who can complement our business and provide maximum value to our customers. We welcome opportunities to explore new partnerships.

What do you get?

World-class product and support. Our programs are used in the best education institutions including some of the best MBA programs. With us, you will enjoy constant support, training and friendly service.

Grow your sales. Silega provides marketing materials and training. You can use also our customer references to extend your current offering and enter new niches.

Save crucial time on development and skip trial and error with your proven solutions.

Get returns faster. Our usual return is less than 18 months. We understand the importance of cash flow. Our financing plans will make sure your only worry is developing your business

Act now! Most of our products are available immediately and in different languages.

Who can become a partner?

Channel Partnership
Qualified applicants to the Channel Partner Program are consulting/training/HR/education companies. In some countries (members of the European Union and Latin America), we are full owners of our operations. In other countries, we prefer to work with local companies that are already well-positioned on the market and work with a variety of respected customers.

Global Strategic Partnership
In today’s increasingly complex environment, it’s more important than ever for companies and organizations to constantly improve the skills and knowledge base of their employees. At Silega, we work closely with our Global Strategic Partners to deliver world-class solutions that help them build and sustain synergistic organizations.

By default, participation in the Global Strategic Partner Program is by invitation only. Silega’s Strategic Partners are a select group of well-respected companies from around the world. Within our program, these partners gain access to the customized products, services, and support they need in order to conduct, standardize, manage, and evaluate their internal training activities.

How to Apply
It’s very easy: just send an email to and give a short overview of your company and what form of partnership you’re interested in.

Our representatives will contact you.