Silega’s Custom Business Simulations

We create engaging experiences that train the world’s top corporations and universities in soft skills and finance for non-finance.

For more than 15 years, we have been empowering organizations with custom simulations that enable new means of training and discovery.

Our custom simulations are used around the world to illustrate and educate. They provide realtime feedback, allow for experimentation, and help learners translate what they know into what they do.

Example: Customer Service Representative Assessment using Silega Online Custom Simulation for a leading Canadian bank

Data management
Can access information, navigate CRM software, and access knowledge database.
Pro-actively manages time, productivity, and learning.
Accuracy Accurately enters customer data, obtains information from the system, and follows internal procedures.
Customer relations Deals with angry customers in a professional manner. Listens to customers and understands both explicit and implicit needs. Projects a professional and positive image.
Work under stress Performs well despite challenges such as excessive noise and simultaneous multitasking.
Sales Actively tries to close a sales opportunity. Explains product features and benefits properly.