Do people from all levels within your organization have the same understanding of strategic priorities?

The best organizations are the best aligned. While in this fast-changing business world there is not a single recipe for success, strategic alignment ranks among the top initiatives by senior leaders.
65% of organizations have an agreed-upon strategy. Only 14% of employees understand it. One in ten organizations successfully implements it. Our job is to help you beat the odds and execute your strategy better and faster.
Strategic alignment means you can respond faster to market changes by arranging all elements of your business to support your mission. And it should be done in a way that makes sense for the business, but also for people to understand and apply.

What are the benefits of improving strategic alignment?
Aligning your organization and your team is one of the best investments you can make.

  • Improve the probability of successful innovation and meeting customer demands
  • Increase the organizational agility and adjust to changes
  • Take better advantage of existing talent
  • Increase profitability

Is this solution for your organization?
If you experience two or more of the following systems, then improving alignment is for your organization:

– [  ] Multitasking, high workload, burnout, stress
– [  ] People talk more than they listen
– [  ] Information is not shared between departments
– [  ] Lack of follow-up to commitments
– [  ] Open communication and feedback are avoided
– [  ] Internal competition and silos
– [  ] Lack of clarity about expectations and priorities
– [  ] Deficient processes and delays
– [  ] Lack of empowerment, too few people is involved in decision making
– [  ] People don’t support key initiatives

How can we help?

Strategic alignment starts at the top
Silega develops and delivers Strategic alignment sessions for top management. Those are usually one to three days retreats with the objective of review results, plan the future and bond the team. We can deliver the full agenda or be part of it.

Collaborate better across silos
Improve teamwork and integrate people from different functions and levels to commit to solving problems.

Communicate clearly and cascade the strategy down the organization
Create awareness about the relationships between cause and effect
Create a visual model of how performance indicators relate to strategy at each level in the organization
Support employees in realize how their work aligns to the strategy

Strategy definition

Well defined strategy should make sense for the organization and its purpose, but also for the people that will implement it.

Solutions for 4 hours to 1 day: 

We can take part of your eadership offsite event with the objective to formulate or update a business strategy.
Silega Expedition™ – Simulate the best strategy for your business. Learn how to maximize your resources and capabilities.
Silega Pulse™ – Understand the financial impact of your strategy and improve your business acumen.

Solutions for 1-3 days:

We can take care of the full agenda of your executive retreat Learn more about events.
Our transformational workshops can help you build capabilities and create insights.
Recommended workshops:

Business strategy
(1 to 2 days)

Strategic Innovation
(2 days)

Used products:

Silega Innova

Modeling Organizational and Team Culture
(2 to 3 days)

Sustainability Strategies
(1 to 2 days)

Used products:

Silega Cold War

Strategy implementation and alignment

Solutions for 4 hours to 1 day:

Learn more about our team building solutions:
Silega Expedition™ Translate the strategy into goals and metrics
Silega Cold War™ Align strategy and structure. Break organizational silos.
Silega Activator™ Communicate strategy within the organization, manage resistance and risks

Planning to rollout strategy in a large scale event? Please check our events solutions.

Solutions for 1 to 3 days:

Our transformational workshops can help you build capabilities and create insights.
Recommended workshops:

Building and Leading High-Performance Teams
(1 to 2 days)

Used products:

Silega Cold War

Everyday leadership communication
(1 to 2 days)

Used products:

Silega Commander

Business strategy
(1 to 2 days)

Used products:

Silega Pulse

Silega Cold War

Change Management for Leaders
(2 to 3 days)

Data Analytics for managers
(1 to 2 days)

Used products:

Silega Expedition

Measure success
With our Strategic Audit™, we can help you measure your strategy implementation and alignment.
The audit can be applied before and after the intervention. Some report areas include processes, team alignment, trust, strategy viability, capabilities, resource allocation and organizational culture.

Start planning your strategic alignment and execution today

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Leadership development
While top management is better aligned strategically (though not always), middle managers face the main challenge of communicating and scaling down the strategy. Silega can help you better prepare your managers for the future.