Machine learning and data analytics are powering a wave of groundbreaking innovations. Is your company ready?

We are living in a world of uncertainty, vulnerability and complexity. Consumers and businesses are looking for creative solutions to problems.
Innovation is the single most important driver for growth and yet 7 out of 10 new products fail to reach their objectives.

Is this solution for your organization?

Do you experience two or more of the following symptoms?
– [  ] Revenue is uncertain or goal is not reached
– [  ] New entrants or technologies are disrupting your industry
– [  ] Some alternatives of your product or service are becoming ever cheaper and even free
– [  ] Innovation is delegated to a specific functional team or only comes from HQ
– [  ] Competitors are gaining market share by introducing better offerings
– [  ] Mistakes are severely punished
– [  ] The delayed time to market for new products
– [  ] Information is not being shared between departments
– [  ] Employees need new skills to improve their digital readiness
– [  ] Company is implementing or about to implement new technology
– [  ] Generational conflict in the workforce

How can we help?

Some of the common challenges we have helped customers solve include:

  • Obtain better insights from data
  • Harness the power of AI
  • Develop the culture and competencies for innovation
  • Accelerate and improve the process of creating new products or developing solutions
  • Create and implement innovative business strategy
  • Respond better to consumers and improve customer experience
  • Improve design of existing products and optimize performance and costs
  • Reduce product design and development costs
  • Decide better which innovation project is worth the investment
  • Involve real time feedback from front line in the innovation process

Innovation is not only about the product or service. Our approach focuses also on:

  • Being customer centric by understanding better the “jobs to be done” concept
  • Take your product or solution to new markets and through innovative channels
  • Optimize your value chain
  • Pricing and design the product around profitability

Solutions for 3 hours to 1 day

Silega Innova™ – Unique and highly engaging innovation simulation that reflects the hard to predict dynamics or real life. Based on research, it models not only a creative process but the following probability for diffusion and the business impact.

Silega Expedition – Learn the basics of descriptive, predictive, prescriptive business analytics in order to make better decisions. Create and communicate an inspiring vision for your product

Silega Pulse™ – Understand the financial impact of your innovation and improve your business acumen.

Silega Activator™ – Ensure a better project management, alignment and buy-in with stakeholders

Silega Cold War™ – Make sure the rest of the organization is working with you instead of against you by improving alignment and frontline alignment.

Solutions for 1-3 days.

Our transformational workshops can help you build capabilities and create insights. Featured workshops:

Strategic Innovation
(2 days)

Used products:

Silega Innova

Sustainability Strategies
(2 days)

Design Thinking
(1 to 2 days)

Used products:

Silega Innova

Data Analytics for Managers
(1 to 2 days)

Used products:

Silega Expedition

Supply Chain Strategies
(1 day)

Used products:

Silega Navigator

Project Management for Executives
(1 to 2 days)

Used products:

Silega Expedition

Innovation implementation

Silega Innovation Audit™

With our Strategic Audit™ we can help you measure your organizational culture and structure.

Some report areas include risk taking, processes, team alignment, trust, strategy viability, capabilities, resource allocation.

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