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Would you trust an airline pilot who passed all the knowledge and psychometrical tests with excellence but had never flown an actual airplane? For more than 50 years, the aviation industry has used flight simulators to train and evaluate pilots. Why not take advantage of the power of business simulation in your company?

Unlimited opportunities

Why are simulations a better means of candidate selection?

Changing realities require you to use a newer and more complex set of assessment tools.

Silega’s simulations feature carefully researched and validated models of interaction to accurately and predictively measure the competencies a person needs to be successful in a range of jobs.

While in psychometric tests the number of options open to a candidate is limited, in simulations the number of interactions and outcomes is nearly unlimited.

Higher validity
Selection using simulations leads to a greater likelihood of success in the workplace, from entry-level to management positions. The participant demonstrates competencies through observable behavior rather than internal thought processes, intentions, indirect clues, or declarative thinking.

The Cronbach’s alpha measurement for Silega’s assessment process ranges from 0.75 to 0.94.

Higher ROI through reduced turnover costs
Improving your selection accuracy will help you reduce turnover costs by up to 37%. This leads to tangible business benefits including decreased hiring costs, decreased training costs, and higher customer retention. In a recent case study, the use of Silega’s business simulations in sales force job selection led to a revenue increase of $12,740 per employee per year.

Realistic scenarios simulate on-the-job situations
Participants are given freedom to respond to a challenge in the same way they would actually respond in real life.

Skills, knowledge, and attitude
Simulations measure a wide range of competencies including personality, knowledge, soft skills, hard skills, performance, and judgment ability.

Immediate results
Performance assessment happens almost instantaneously.

Simulations take from 3 to 8 hours, can be delivered live or online, and can be integrated with various type of assessment projects.

Lower costs
The cost of using a business simulation for assessment is not a downside anymore; most of Silega’s solutions don’t exceed the cost of standard assessment tools.

A positive reaction from candidates
Surveys show that candidates prefer assessments they perceive as job-related, such as business simulations.

Solutions for 3 hours to 1 day

PARTICIPANTS: 1 to 24 simultaneously

Silega Commander – assess leadership, negotiations, culture & values skills of each participant

Silega Expedition – assess leadership, decision making, planning and project management skills of each participant

Silega Cold War – assess team alignment skills of each participant

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Case Study

Givaudan used Silega Commander™ to recruit next generation leaders.
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