Why Silega?


Today all companies organize trainings. But very few change behaviours.

Organizations can’t change unless the people in them change their behaviors. Silega Behavior Change Approach prioritizes the behaviors that matter most to your organization’s change program and inspires their adoption throughout the company, from the frontline to the executive suite. Our research demonstrates that when leaders and frontline address critical behaviors together, results happen 50% faster and are 25%-50% higher.

We believe in the power of experiential learning.

We know that like us, you think differently about learning. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

Silega started more than 15 years ago with the idea that there should be a better way to teach. In those 15 years, we have worked with more than 5,310 companies and trained more than 816,000 people in 50 plus countries. We take care of team buildings to corporate events to MBA.

In many territories, we don’t have a dedicated sales force and we spend next to nothing on publicity. Our growth has been sustained mainly by recommendations and results.

What we enjoyed in those years is success upon success and we take great confidence in the fact that 78.7 % of our customers are repeated and 96% would recommend us to friends and colleagues.

One of the things people often say when working with Silega is that our programs are so different, engaging and effective.

We believe that for a learning initiative to be successful, it should have seven essential elements:

  1. Focus on application and ultimately change. Link to business objectives and define measurable goals.
  2. Link to previous knowledge, what is inside of people. Make everybody understand “what is in it for me”.
  3. Teamwork and support from others. Participants are regularly reminded and supported in the process of acquiring new skills or changing behavior.
  4. Focus on the way of thinking and asking a question versus just giving answers. Curiosity vs. what is right or wrong
  5. Ownership and internalization. Participants feel that they discovered and own the key learnings.
  6. Really fun and dynamic.
  7. We love your business – deep customization and relevance across industries.

We work with customers to ensure the following additional support factors are also in place to ensure learning really sticks:

  1. Environment for learning to thrive. Empowerment from the organization.
  2. Managers are actively involved, supportive and supported.
  3. Participants can gain support and feedback after the training session.
  4. People have an opportunity to apply what was learned.