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Case Studies

used Silega Navigator™ to train key account managers to achieve next generation negotiations and develop win-win relationships with customers. [Download PDF]

used Silega Expedition™ to improve planning and commitment.
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GrupoKaybee’s heads of offices around the globe
used Silega Expedition™ to plan, strategize and project targets for the short and long term.
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Bosch used Silega Cold War™ to achieve better alignment and improve communication.
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Nokia used Silega Commander™ to accelerate a successful culture shift.
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Givaudan used Silega Commander™ to recruit next generation leaders.
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Let us show you how you can take advantage of our bring industry experience and unique methodology to your business with a 95% Net Promoter Score throughout our clients, we’ve earned decades-long partnerships with some of the biggest international names in major industries.