Without a doubt, you have hundreds of options for your next event, from outdoor activities to cooking classes, from motivational speakers to escape rooms.

Remember the Engagement + Insight model from the previous section? We have compared the most common activities based on those two factors.

We have based our ranking only on peer-reviewed published papers (see below). Naturally, the effect of business simulations and experiential learning in general depends on the product’s quality and the facilitator’s experience.

Silega, of course, didn’t invent business simulations. However, we are one of the three leading global business simulation companies today. Our programs are being used by Fortune 500 companies and leading business schools alike.

Modern educational games are a result of intersection of war games, systems theory, operations research, learning theory, behavioral change, mathematics, game design and technology. Although the term “gamification” has been coined in 2002, the use of games for learning dates back for centuries.

Outcome Source
Increased interest and awareness importance of skills. (Cousens et al, 2009)
Increased learning (knowledge and skills). (Tompson & Dass, 2000)
Positive impact on self-control and self-esteem. (Arias & Bustinza, 2009)
Students prefer simulation to textbook (Cook & Swift, 2006)
High or very high degree of learning (Battini et al, 2009)
Students think simulation is superior to traditional lecture-based teaching. (Li et al, 2007)

The power of business simulations

Up to 4 times more efficient than conventional training methods. Start a transformation from four hours.

Research-based and university- quality

Meticulously tested in over 35 global markets and used by the leading companies and best universities.

Valid measurement tools

Programs include a validated set of assessments to empower the change.

Highly customizable

Situations, learnings, and specific information can be tailored to meet your industry-specific needs.

Start a transformation from four hours

Simulations work because they are designed to reflect how we humans learn according to the core learning theories:

  • Constructivism (we create meaning from experiences)
  • Humanism (we must be engaged to learn)
  • Cognitivism (information should be divided in a way we can assimilate it) and
  • Behaviorism (create the right conditions for converting knowledge to actions and habits).

Below, you can discover our five-stage ELS™ model.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Albert Einstein

The Exponential Learning System™ by Silega

Main goalEngageInsightsOwnershipChallengeEmpower and reinforce
What is happeningMake decisionsExamine consequences, see the big pictureCreate urgencyApply immediately and quick gainsTransfer in real world
ExampleParticipate in a structured activity based
on a mathematical modelDebrief what are the results of the actions taken. Use analogies to link simulation with real-world examplesPlan how to use new knowledge in future situations
Use new knowledge and improve performance
Transfer and reinforce learning

Six best-selling simulations

Here, you can find a list of Silega’s most frequently used programs for corporate events, conferences, and team-buildings. All are available online or in person. Group size might vary from five up to hundreds of participants simultaneously.

You can find more information here: https://silega.com/business-simulations/

Silega Expedition

Planning and decision making

Participants are placed in a challenging and inspiring experience of climbing Mount Everest. Time is crucial; they must reach their goal in just a month.

Silega Cold War

Team alignment

Strategy simulation in which participants experience the most common obstacles to teamwork and inter-departmental alignment.

Silega Commander


Program that helps participants unlock the hidden potential of their organization and leadership and achieve sustainable growth through emotional intelligence.

Silega Pulse

Business acumen

Highly-customizable, powerful table-mat based business simulation. Participants also learn how to read business statements, understand key indicators, and experiment with different business scenarios.

Silega Innova

Innovation and design thinking

An innovation laboratory and provides participants with a repeatable methodology for crafting and implementing profitable business ideas.

Silega Activator

Change leadership

Simulation advances through the different stages of a change process, and team can monitor the adoption level real time. Teams take decisions on how to manage stakeholders, communicate and manage risk.