We help alleviate some of the most common management migraines
We put participants in an environment which is as close as possible to a real business environment. What they learn is consequently more relevant, and they can experiment with different scenarios. For example, in a one-day simulation, we can simulate a one-year project.

Actively engage people while simultaneously entertaining them
Experiential learning is active by nature. This means people are participating all the time, making decisions, and seeing the consequences of their actions.

Leave a long-lasting impact
Silega uses psychological anchors, common language, and powerful analogies to make learning stick. We have been told by participants that they sometimes remember a key analogy or lesson years after the training took place.

Save costs by experimenting in a safe environment with a short timeframe
The ratio of retention of what is learned between conventional training (presentation) and experiential learning may vary up to 1:4. This means that in one half-day simulation, participants can learn what usually takes two to three business days using conventional methods. Experiential learning may cost a little more per hour than conventional training (though not always), but it provides much greater value.

Gain practical tools and techniques ready for use in the real world
Silega provides all participants with easy-to-understand concepts that can be applied immediately in real business situations. They include tools, checklists, process maps, decision maps, learning cards, and follow-up sessions.

Primary reasons why customers work with us

Real and perceived value of Silega’s solutions



Guaranteed results
  • ROI studies
  • Real and sustainable change in participants’ behavior
  • Positive change in business KPIs
  • High level of knowledge retention
  • Minimize possible mistakes by simulating situations in a safe environment
  • 78% of our customers are repeated
  • 10+ years of global training experience
  • Customers – leading companies in a variety of areas
  • More than 20 global partners
  • Each program is in development for several years and is tested in different markets before launch
Flexibility and customization
  • Ability to incorporate the customer’s strategies, vision, values, and KPIs into programs
  • Groups of 10 to 500+ participants
  • From two hours to several hours
  • Programs on demand
Keep participants engaged and responsible
  • Results depend on participant’s decisions and actions
  • No “luck” factor
  • Effective behaviors are easy to spot and generalize in order to be used in the real workplace afterward
  • Participants are engaged during the whole program through competition, group dynamics, and story
  • Different and unique approach to training
  • Entertaining and yet useful
  • Programs are constantly being improved

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