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Measurement Tools
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Silega offers measurement tools that can help you increase precision of the learning intervention and improve organizational productivity. Some of the benefits of using our Measurement tools include:

• identifying organizational issues
• implementation of best case practices
• control of key processes and areas
• alignment of organizational priorities
• testing different intervention scenarios

Training Audit (TA)
This audit will help you better measure and improve the training activities in your organization.
The Training Audit will help you:
• Analyze more precisely your training and development needs
• Ensure that all training activities have maximum impact on individual, team and company performance
• Enable training functions to measure and monitor performance more effectively
• Give to senior management a clear measurement of the ROI in Training
• Integrate the training function with the strategy of the organization
The audit includes surveys, interviews, reports and a follow-up action plan.

Performance Optimization Audit (POA)
This audit will help you better manage and improve performance in your organization.
The main goals of the audit are to analyze and give recommendations for the following areas of your company's work:
• Planning for performance
• Methods of measuring and reviewing performance
• Linking compensation with performance
• Training in relation to performance management
• Overall organizational framework that supports excellent performance management
The audit includes surveys, interviews, reports and a follow-up action plan.

Strategic Audit (SA)
This Audit will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your organization on strategic level and find new opportunities for growth.
The Strategic Audit will help you:
• Make your strategy more clear
• Optimize business processes
• Maximize organizational capabilities
• Assess the effectiveness of the current organizational design
• Assess company's culture
The audit includes surveys, interviews, reports and a follow-up action plan.

Team Alignment Audit (TAA)
This audit will help you align the teams in your organization in order to achieve higher productivity.
The Team Alignment Audit will help you optimize the following teamwork aspects:
• What are the roles and targets of the team?
• How prepared the team members are for the role they currently have?
• How do leaders empower their team members?
• What is the level of engagement and competency of team members?
• What are the processes that exist in the team?
• How can communication within the team members be improved?
The audit includes surveys, interviews, reports and a follow-up action plan.

Talent Management Audit (TMA)
This audit will help you measure and improve the effectiveness of leaders at every level of your organization.
The Talent Audit will help you optimize:
• Levels of contribution that members of your organization can offer
• Talent development model for your organization
• Profiles and feedback administration
• Key motivators for your employees
• Leadership competencies management
• Performance appraisal optimization
• Talent planning improvement
The audit includes surveys, interviews, reports and a follow-up action plan.

Training ROI Audit (TROI)
This audit will help you better monitor and improve the effectiveness of training activities in your organization.
The Training ROI Audit covers the following steps:
• Training evaluation during and after the training
• Levels of training evaluation
• Isolating the effect of training
• Converting the training effect into monetary value
• ROI calculation
• Intangible results
The audit includes surveys, interviews, reports and a follow-up action plan.

Organizational Climate Audit (OCA)
This audit will help you measure what is the shared perception of the members of your organization towards the way the company works.
The process is highly-customizable but it might include the following systems and processes:
• Compensations and Benefits
• Employee engagement with the organization
• Talent attraction and retention factors
• Job satisfaction
• Creativity and innovation
• Attitudes towards change
• Organizational communication
• Guiding values of the organization
• Perceptions about purpose
• Structure effectiveness
The audit can be conducted online or on paper and includes survey, follow-up and action plan.

Customer Service Audit (CSA)
This audit will help you analyze your current customer engagement levels and how to increase them through better management.
The process includes the following steps:
• Understanding customers' decision making process
• Analyzing customers' needs and requirements
• Determining your current capabilities and those of your competitors
• Identifying the gaps between company capabilities and customers' needs
• Gaining a competitive advantage in your customer service management
• Identifying the trends that are shaping your market
The audit includes surveys, interviews with employees and customers, report and a follow-up action plan.

270/360-degree Feedback
The 360-degree feedback was used for the first time in the US armed forces in 1940s to support staff development. Since then it has gained great popularity as a support tool for HR professionals.
You can use 360-degree feedback to:
• Monitor Individual development
• Take advantage of under-utilized personnel strengths in order to increase productivity
• Avoid the trap of counting on skills that may be weak in the organization
• Apply human assets data to the valuation of our organization
• Make succession-planning more accurate
• Design more efficient coaching and training initiatives
We offer paper-based and online version of the 360-degree Feedback. As an option, this could also include feedback from customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders. Click here to learn more about the 270/360-degree feedback options we offer.

Competencies Specifications
Silega™ helps you explore and develop an appropriate competency profile for various functions and leadership levels in your organization. This process includes detailed descriptions of competencies, specific behaviors, development plans and certification processes. Click here to learn more about Competencies Specifications

Silega™ offers you an opportunity to assess yourself or your employees on more than 50 key competencies. The assessments have both online and paper version.