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General information:


Business Simulation

Number of participants:

5 to 60+


People from all organizational levels


4 to 5 hours


Informing, integrity and trust, listening, presentation skills, problem solving, building an effective team, understanding others

The experience:

This simulation is extremely engaging and entertaining to run. Teams rush to solve a complicated crime scene puzzle and prevent further damage before it is too late.

The simulation covers several weeks of investigation and participants represent different crime scene investigators. They must analyze police reports, examine suspects, and prepare a statement about who was the murderer.

Participants compete while discovering clues, analyzing information, discussing implications, and drawing conclusions. As the simulation advances, they will learn the secrets of world-class communicators and explore how to generate messages that create impact and credibility.

This program explores different perceptions in communication, understanding information, and conducting effective meetings.


Main objectives:

Silega Communicator™ was designed to address the specific communication challenges that organizations face today:

  • Increase productivity and unlock hidden potential
  • Eliminate misunderstandings and miscommunication
  • Increase trust and sharing
  • Improve efficiency of meetings
  • Minimize the negative impact of rumors
  • Deal with crisis and conflict more effectively
  • Improve relationships through better communication


Key lessons:

Silega Communicator™ is a business simulation and a repeatable change management system that guarantees better results from transition. Participants learn:

  • Effective interpersonal and organizational communication
  • Better information management
  • How to craft simple message for a better impact
  • How to use the power of stories
  • The emotional side of communication


Typical applications:

  • Communication training
  • Organizational change
  • Sales training
  • Business schools


Download Silega Communicator details in PDF format from here