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Today’s business executives are less experienced and younger than their counterparts from the recent past. They have to cope more quickly with changing reality and increased competition. They must make important decisions: innovate or conserve, support or lead, cooperate or compete, external or internal focus? And all of this takes place under the rigorous observation of stakeholders and the increasing demand of customers.

Does your company have what it takes to succeed in this environment?

General information:



Business Simulation

Number of participants:

6 to 200+


All managers who need to build strong teams around a common vision, newly appointed managers, people from departments or organizations undergoing strategic change or restructuring, business students


4 to 8 hours


Leadership skills, conflict management, decision making, ethics and values, motivating others, planning, strategic agility, managing through systems, managing vision and purpose


The experience:

All organizations and civilizations experience cycles of development, moving from periods of vitality and growth to periods of decay and disintegration. Leaders at all levels need to use their power and influence in order to deliver successful short- and long-term business results.

Silega Commander™ is a business simulation that helps participants unlock the hidden potential of their organization and achieve sustainable growth through managing the five types of wealth. The simulation is conducted in rounds that represent a number of business years.

This simulation is based on the cycles of development of civilizations and business organizations, from barbarians and builders to administrators and bureaucrats. Participants represent twelve organizations (this can be adjusted for smaller groups) which need to:

1) Achieve maximum financial growth

2) Receive the most points from a Leadership Code including competencies such as ethics, trust, and empowerment. This simulation teaches participants both how to maximize tangible results (What?), and how to establish high credibility and emotional connection with followers (How?).

Participants must also manage different business elements such as innovation, people and competencies, quality and processes, products, and information throughout the three-year course of the simulation. We theme it as a special scientific project that will help them establish a vision of how they want to see their business (and their leadership legacy) three years from now .

As the simulation progresses, participants face the challenges of getting results, creating positive change in corporate culture, resolving problems, and communicating effectively. This simulation teaches leaders to understand why decisions and behavior are often misunderstood by their followers and how to maximize their influence.

This simulation provides rich topics for discussion about organizational strategic direction, managing change, and establishing a leadership legacy. We also offer related follow-up sessions and measurement tools.


Main objectives:

  • Inspire shared vision and improve alignment between teams and departments
  • Improve focus on employee commitment to critical issues
  • Create positive change in corporate culture
  • Develop a common language and shared objectives between leaders and their followers
  • Align strategic and tactical plans
  • Empower employees and increase proactive initiatives
  • Improve focus on employee commitment to critical issues
  • Create excitement for the new organizational vision

Key lessons:

In order to be successful in the simulation, as well as in real life, participants will learn how to :

  • Develop a strategic perspective and see the organization as a system
  • Use power effectively
  • Build quality relationships
  • Develop trust in times of uncertainty
  • Resolve conflicts between individuals and groups
  • Analyze the impact of their decisions
  • Communicate in an honest and open way
  • Remove obstacles to effective organizational performance

Typical applications:

  • Strategic and annual planning sessions, meetings, or conferences
  • Leadership development sessions
  • Corporate trainings
  • Kick-off meetings
  • Conferences and events
  • Organizational change initiatives
  • Executive retreats and off-site events
  • Assessment

Download Silega Commander details in PDF format here