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According to a recent study, 15% of an employee’s career success depends on technical skills and knowledge. The remaining 85% depends on teamwork-related factors, including communication skills and the ability to relate to others, work upon shared vision, be part of a common purpose, be part of a team process, and build strong relationships.

General information:



Business Simulation

Number of participants:

8 to 90


All members of an ongoing team or members of various teams that work together, entire organization.


4 to 5 hours


Conflict management, managing others, listening, negotiating, organizing, peer relationships, process management, drive for results, building an effective team, understanding others


The experience:

“Create conditions for better teamwork”

Every organization, as well as every country, has internal and external policies for success.  Both should be equally strong, although organizations usually invest most of their resources on their external strength – conquering new markets, developing new products, growing sales, and beating the competition. An imbalance between internal and external strength can cause misalignment, internal conflicts, and struggles for resources and power within the organization.

Silega Cold War™ is a business simulation in which participants experience the most common obstacles to team work and inter-departmental alignment. During the six simulation months they must deal with lack of trust, lack of alignment, ambitious goals, poor communication, conflicts caused by egos, and all the resulting negative impacts on organizational productivity.

This program simulates the war between two alliances – the North and the South. There are twelve countries represented, each with different resources (petroleum, food and machines) and different military capacity (uranium, arms). Through negotiations participants have to balance their country’s needs with the demands of participating in the military alliance. If some countries don’t accomplish their mission, war will be declared.

As the simulation progresses, participants discover practical ways to improve team performance and increase levels of trust and resource sharing.

This program teaches team members how internal strength and alignment define the external strength of the organization.


Main objectives:

  • Improve team and interdepartmental alignment
  • Resolve conflicts and their causes
  • Improve team productivity and minimize wasted resources
  • Achieve better distribution of roles and power
  • Improve team and organizational communication

Key lessons:

In order to be successful in the simulation, as well as in real life, participants will learn how to:

  • Create a clear common purpose
  • Empower team members
  • Reinforce positive interpersonal relationships
  • Manage information effectively
  • Distribute resources according to priorities
  • Improve team strategy and align it with organizational strategy
  • Create an effective team process


Typical applications:

  • Team building programs
  • Kick-offs
  • Leadership development sessions
  • Conferences and events
  • Corporate training
  • Organizational change initiatives
  • Executive retreats and offsite events

Download Silega Cold War details in PDF format from here