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Companies spend millions of dollars advertising their brands, but the customer experience is what defines success. Although most managers understand service concepts, they have a difficult time applying them at their level of the organization.

General information:



Business Simulation

Number of participants:

5  to 80+


Frontline customer service staff, customer service managers and directors, sales force and sales managers, areas that have interactions with customers.


4 hours


Retail, B2B, services, financial, pharmaceutical


Conflict management, customer focus, timely decision making, ethics and values, listening, motivating others, negotiating, patience, presentation skills, problem solving, understanding others


The experience:

Silega Care™ consists of two parts – the first one is focused on the service attitude, and the second one on specific behaviors to boost customer service culture.

It’s the annual gathering of the successors of eight ancient tribes. Every four years they gather to repeat an ancient custom and to determine the strongest leader. This ancient tradition makes people wiser and more successful. This is your first chance to participate in the competition. The winner receives the ancient honorary Owl Wisdom Medal that enhances the success of its possessor. The simulation time is six days, each day lasting for approximately 15 minutes. In order to be successful, participants must apply specific customer service key behaviors such as understanding others’ needs, acting according to those needs, communicating flawlessly, and creating trust.

Participants take part in an engaging,high-impact business simulation designed to help them discover and implement key factors for creating an outstanding customer experience. They must deal with common pressures and obstacles, resolve conflicts, create trust, and achieve measurable results. Together, they discover the relationship between different service elements and how to implement them in the real world environment.

During the second part of the simulation, participants will have to resolve specific work-related customers service situations and maximize their positive impact with customers.


Main objectives:

  • Transform the culture of service and boost results
  • Develop a better understanding of explicit and implicit customer needs
  • Improve internal communication
  • Help people see their individual role in servicing customers
  • Create alignment across the organization towards better service
  • Establish a common vision of service excellence
  • Implement a unified approach to creating memorable service experiences
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by handling requests more efficiently
  • Create a proactive and positive attitude when servicing customers
  • Build trust and loyalty in suspicious times


Key lessons:

Silega Care™ is a business simulation and a repeatable service system that guarantees better customer engagement. Participants learn:

  • How to evaluate the cost of poor service and the rewards of outstanding service
  • The key elements of outstanding customer service
  • How to better listen and understand the customer’s real concerns
  • How to truly appreciate customers and their importance to business success
  • How to handle problematic situations with customers and regain trust
  • The key components of effective communication and how to avoid misunderstanding
  • How to measure and grow the level of relationships with customers
  • Practical ways to improve both internal and external service
  • How to improve productivity and save costs when dealing with customers
  • Ways to positively surprise customers and exceed expectations

Typical applications:

  • Customer service and sales training
  • Conferences and seminars, including annual meetings

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