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25% of top performers in an organizaon decide to quit within 3 months of a major change event being announced

Are new technologies threatening your industry?

Do you see customer preferences change?

Is your revenue becoming more and more volatile?

You know that sooner or later your company will be challenged to change in an unprecedented way by market forces or internal pressure - no matter if you are a market leader or not. And you want to inspire action and not despair.

General information:



Business Simulation

Number of participants:

5 to 50+


People from all organizational levels who are undergoing or preparing for transition, leaders responsible for implementing change


5 to 8 hours


Dealing with ambiguity, process management, strategic agility, motivating others, perspective, planning

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The experience:

Silega developed a change simulation with unique dynamics.

Participants can choose one of the seven different trivial or traumatic change scenarios - technology change, culture change, downsizing and many more. Each scenario has different initial settings and different strategic goals.

Teams take decisions on how to manage stakeholders, communicate, manage risk, measure change and collect feedback.

As simulation advances through the different stages of a change process, team can monitor the adoption level real time. But a successful change is not only about getting people on board with new behaviors. Participants will also have to deliver a positive business impact.

Main objectives:

  • Identify the business case for change
  • Improve the productivity of the change team
  • Win stakeholder’s political support
  • Manage risk more efficiently
  • Identify and manage supporters and resisters


Key lessons:

  • Identify the different types of change and the stages of a change process
  • Perform readiness assessment and gap analysis
  • Create a communication strategy
  • Identify the common emotional responses to change and how to deal with resistance
  • Measure the change effectiveness
  • Outline assumptions
  • Manage risk and complexity
  • Learn from common reasons for failure


Typical applications:

  • Complement to a major change initiative
  • Leadership training
  • Corporate Universities
  • MBA programs


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