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Business Simulations

Business simulations present real-life business situations in a controlled environment where learners can experiment with different scenarios and see the consequences of their actions. Simulations are an active way of teaching, providing greater involvement than conventional training sessions. Participants receive immediate feedback as well as practical, easy-to-apply business ideas.

Silega’s simulations are based on the Experiential Learning System™ model, which guarantees maximum impact and sustainable results.

Our simulations last from four hours to two days and can simulate up to eight years of business operations. The number of participants can vary from a couple to over one thousand.

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1 Silega Project Master – Project Management Business Simulation
2 Silega Innova - Business Innovation Simulation
3 Silega Pulse - Accounting, Business Acumen and Finance Simulation
4 Silega Communicator - Business Simulation about communication for impact
5 Silega Care - Customer Service Business Simulation
6 Silega Arkadia - Values and Culture Business Simulation
7 Silega Activator - Change Management Business Simulation
8 Silega Sales Accelerator - Sales Simulation
9 Silega Talent - Talent Management Business Simulation
10 Silega Process Compass - Process Management Business Simulation
11 Silega Navigator – Sales and Marketing Business Simulation
12 Silega Cold War - Team alignment business simulation
13 Silega Commander - Leadership Business Simulation
14 Silega Expedition - Planning and Decision Making Business Simulation
15 Silega Challenger - Coaching for Leaders Business Simulation
16 Business Simulations